Prevent off-spec shipments & increase yard throughput

StacksOnTM equips you with full visibility over stock-pile grade inside inventories with visualisations and reclaim prediction tools to help ensure every delivery is on-specification.

Real time 3D stockyard visualisations that track and predict grade

Predict and address off-spec shipments before they are filled

Intuitive tools help ensure delivery on specification
Designed and implemented for the mining industry


StacksOn is driving savings worth millions


Intuative Visualisation

Immersive visualization and smooth controls lead to excellent operational awareness and minimal learning curve.


Detailed Tooling

The user can get detailed information about any product in the yard by simply pointing at it.

  • Grade distribution graphs
  • Custom region selection
  • Stacked time selection
  • Reclaim batch prediction

Accurate & Reliable

  • Proven to have impressively accurate modelling of product location and analyte distribution
  • Provides what is likely the most accurate stockyard tonnages you have access to

Intuitive Yard Investigations

  • Direct grade, operability and reclaim rate comparisons between current operation and proposed operation
  • Allows you to know the exact changes to grade that will accompany a yard philosophy change before implementing
  • Has led to impressive increases in yard throughput in the real word

Real Time Data

Real time data to keep you informed:

  • Real time feed of the material composition each reclaimer is reclaiming
  • Likely the most accurate tonnages you have access to per stockpile and bench
  • Material properties per stockpile and bench
  • Material properties per reclaim batch including predicted reclaim batch

Sophisticated Predictions

Know what you will get before you start reclaiming:

  • StacksOn is able to provide the statistics for a batch before it is reclaimed
  • Make changes to hit your grade targets before committing
  • Compare multiple different reclaim algorithms, parameters and stockpile blends to ensure optimal reclaiming of stockpiles

Track Any Number of Material Properties

StacksOn can track many different material properties into and out of the stockyard including:

  • Product type
  • Product grade
  • Contaminants
  • Stacked time

Case Study

Visibility = profitability

StacksOnTM is in active use across a number of stockyards increasing throughput and reducing product variability.

Ship Tonnes Faster

BHP wanted to speed up their train loading times, increase their yard capacity and limit the number of times their mobile machines were waiting for a place to stack and reclaim.

“StacksOn allows better decision making, and improved stability and performance, and we’re seeing improved product stability and better visibility of mine to plant grade.“
Pieter Fourie
Manager Processing Production in Jimblebar
01. The Discovery Phase
StacksOn was able to accurately model what the yard would have looked like if the exact same product was stacked at the exact same rate but using the new yard operating philosophy.

02. The Process

StacksOn produced a video and interactive graph and tabulated breakdown showing the actual chemical breakdown of each rake alongside what that rake would have contained if the exact same product was stacked and reclaimed in the proposed operation.

03. The Result

The client reported a significant reduction in the average amount of time the reclaimer took to fill a train as well as a reduction in overall grade variability within the stockyard thanks to StacksOn.

Core Team

Real hands-on experience

StacksOn is a Verbrec Ltd group company, our team consists of experienced Software and Control System Engineers with hands on experience programming stockyard control systems and robust next gen applications. The StacksOn team is known for our responsiveness to client enhancement and integration requests to better meet their needs.


Software Solutions Manager

Mike is an experienced product developer and software architect. He has built simulation frameworks, web visualisation products, calculation engines and a large number of industrial applications. He has worked with control system vendors, mining, agriculture, refining, renewable energy and consulting enterprises.


Group Manager – Software

Ryan has been in the industry since 2004 with degrees in both Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science. He effortlessly crosses the OT/IT boundary and excels at creating both software applications and control systems. Ryan has led the StacksOn teams since inception and is hands on in all facets of the solution.

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